The Light of Compassion

The Light of Compassion



A soul in compassion ,

A heart in expansion ;


When the borders dissolve ,

Humanity as one evolves ;


Who are these You and I ?

There is none in Divine’s Eye  ;


I, Me and Mine creates a boundary ,

And puts Existence in contrary ;


The infinite ‘emptiness’ of ether ,

Does not accomodate any ‘other’ ;


Why is all behind a shroud ?

Is this the set way it should ?


As we unveil curtain by curtain ,

The Light shall shine for certain.


Gently radiate the spirit of Unison ,

Let shine the Light of Compassion .


~Punitha Lakshmi


This post is for the 1000 Voices of Compassion. #1000Speak .

Compassion – a work in progress


Dance of Dawn !

Sun's spotlight on Ocean...

Ocean glows in Sun's spotlight
Oh, what a wonderful sight !

Into the arena a Bird flies
Gently rocking a Boat sails

Waves play a rhythm steady
Sky adorns a decor Cloudy
All around dances the Breeze
Time in awe is in a freeze !
I soak in the Songs of Silence
Serene in Nature's Abundance
Intense and Eternal shines the Sun
Exuberant and Infinite spans the Ocean
Existence with me at Dawn Commune
Every Sunrise is Creation's Celebration !! 

Being in this Divine Dance of Dawn
Soul sings "There is nothing to Mourn".


P.S : Poem inspired by Being in this Sunrise at Dawn in Pondicherry Beach today...