The Light of Compassion

The Light of Compassion



A soul in compassion ,

A heart in expansion ;


When the borders dissolve ,

Humanity as one evolves ;


Who are these You and I ?

There is none in Divine’s Eye  ;


I, Me and Mine creates a boundary ,

And puts Existence in contrary ;


The infinite ‘emptiness’ of ether ,

Does not accomodate any ‘other’ ;


Why is all behind a shroud ?

Is this the set way it should ?


As we unveil curtain by curtain ,

The Light shall shine for certain.


Gently radiate the spirit of Unison ,

Let shine the Light of Compassion .


~Punitha Lakshmi


This post is for the 1000 Voices of Compassion. #1000Speak .

Compassion – a work in progress


நம்பிக்கை பூ

Bud of cactus… on ECR…

நம்பிக்கையிருந்தால …. பொறுத்திருந்தால்


அழகிய பூ பூக்கும்

முட்கள் நிறைந்த செடியிலும்;


மெல்லிசை ஒலிக்கும்

கனமாய் இருக்கும் மனத்திலும் ;


அன்பு கைகோர்க்கும்

தனிமையில் நடக்கும் வாழ்கையிலும்;


ஆனந்தம் பரவும்

கண்ணீரில் மிதக்கும் கண்களிலும்;

Thorns of cactus…

இலக்கு வரவேற்க்கும்

முடிவில்லா கடின பயணங்களிலும் ;


மோக்ஷம் பிறக்கும்

ஜனனம்மரணம் சக்கர ஜென்மங்களிளிருந்தும் ;


…..என்றாவது ஒரு நாள் .


அப்போது அந்த பூ இன்னும் அழகாய் இருக்கும்

மனதை ரணமாக்கும் முட்களை மீறி பிறந்ததால் .



Flower of Hope… A beautiful Cactus Flower…

I Love chasing Butterflies !!

Yellow Nature !

Melting Yellow, Spreading Cheer !!

My early morning today was well spent – I was chasing butterflies in a garden !

It is ofcourse a regular activity for me ; one that I love and which happens spontaneously on some days !

This post is inspired by this colourful butterfly in the picture, that spread cheer & happiness to me this morning ! In the picture you can see, how the yellow of the sunlight seems to paint the flower yellow, and the butterfly in turn drinking in the yellow of the flower to spread the colour on its wings ! It was a beautiful experience !

There are many benefits from chasing butterflies ! I list some for the sake of the novice/future butterfly chaser :

.  Your eye muscles get stronger and eye sight sharper  .

The butterfly flits all around – up, down, left, right, here, there – so your eye muscles get lots of exercise in trying to keep the flier in sight ! These beings are so tiny , that in the vast open park it is difficult to follow it around. But if you are keen, your eye sight really improves as you strive to visually follow it !

.  Your mind becomes more alert  .

In trying to guess the next turn the butterfly will take, and being proved wrong again, the mind will become alert to keep up with the fast mover !

.  Your body becomes agile and your movements quick  .

Since you are being led by the butterfly, your movements needs to be quick to follow the insect. Your body needs to be agile to be able to go into the places this little one flies ! And you get all the exercise you need for the day without even realizing it !

.  You will become more spontaneous in your outlook & response  .

Many of us cannot do anything unless it is pre-planned. Spontaenity is a lost charm for some. But when you are at the mercy of this little flier, you learn to be more & more spontaneous – both in outlook & response ! It does not have a plan for the day, not even for the next minute. But it is the happiest being alive – because the lovely butterfly is spontaneous ! Your innocence shines !

.  You will become more humble  .

Human beings try to win over everything. But with the butterfly, you are really lucky if you could even click a picture of it. In my experience, when I start enjoying the company of the butterfly with a smile for few minutes, it starts settling in the flowers near me and strikes a pose ! It is a truly humbling experience.

.  You will stop worrying about possessions & start joining in Nature’s processions  .

All our life is spent in preparing, earning, accumulating, safe-guarding & then losing property & products. But, the butterfly does not waste its short life by trying to accumulate products or possess anything. But it has no lack – flowers willingly share their nectar, leaves give them a place for laying eggs and the sky offers space for it to fly and enjoy !

Before you go off to start chasing butterflies, a word of caution on spectators’ reactions !

Ÿ  People will think you are jobless  Ÿ

Ofcourse they are wrong !

But they don’t know that you manage your time better and do things quicker, so you can find time to chase butterflies and other similar activities ;))

Ÿ  People will doubt if you have any useful purpose in this activity   Ÿ

Ofcourse they are right !

There is no doubt that this is a purposeless activity ! But that is how exactly joy & fun should be – purposeless !

Ÿ  People will conclude you are crazy Ÿ

Ofcourse you get the benefit of doubt; though they may assume they are right !

But would you be prim & proper and get bored ; or be spontaneous & crazy and have loads of pure joy & fun ??!!

~ Punitha

Marathon Mantras = Life Lessons

.   Life Lessons <=> Marathon Mantras : Two-way Learnings !  .


1. Doing a Half-marathon (21 K) is not doing just a double of 10 K run. 21 K would feel like 10 times of 10 K if one lacks stamina !

Learning : Do not double targets without sufficient analysis or preparation.


2. Energy depletes faster, time moves slower and distance magically stretches longer after one goes past the first half of 21 K !

Learning : Just like how one would feel when mind ages if we do not keep challenging it. (note : when mind ages and not when body grows old gracefully and healthily but mind still remains young & enthusiastic ! :).


3. The last 200 m is the longest distance in a marathon ! The finish line behaves like a horizon then – the nearer you go, the farther it seems !! But the finish line is not far.

Learning : When one has been trying hard and long for a goal and feels like giving up, not realizing the goal is very near. Because the final lap before a victory is the hardest sometimes.


4. Pongal & Vada taste better when hot. But the longer time one takes to complete their run,the colder the food becomes – if at all the volunteers are able to scrap something from the bottom of the utensil for you ! So ‘when the running gets tough, the pongal-vada lovers get going ‘ !!

Learning : It is good to have a vision and run towards it 😉 . Only someone with a vision keeps striving even when the going gets tough !


5. Marathon is not equal to ‘main hun thin’ or ‘main hun healthy’ magically !! The benefit of running marathons is in the training and the discipline in nutrition & exercises .

Learning : The final output in any task is but a culmination of all the preparation, learning & sincere work before that.


6. Do not drink all the water & electrolytes available in each aid station – even if you think you are going to faint in the next 5 secs. What goes in has to come out – and in a marathon that is a big problem !! Take small sips, at regular intervals.

Learning : Do not bite off more than you can absorb ! Taking in too much work comes out as stress in your body & mind.


7. When a few friends take to running and marathons having you as the inspiration, that is one of the biggest rewards for you as a runner !!

Learning : Life is not only about achieving our own successes, but it is also about encouraging & helping people to succeed in theirs.


Learning & Running in Progress.... Auroville Marathon 2012

8. Marathons is about running ‘for’ something ; not running ‘away’ from something !

Learning : Live for a purpose , do not let fear chase you.


9. Even when people look at you strangely when you ‘stop to smell a flower’ during the race – you continue stopping and smelling flowers 🙂

Learning : Live Life at your own pace, unfettered by the rat race :))


10. On the early morning of the day of the marathon , it is best to have a cup of steaming hot coffee, sitting alone in a relaxed silence. This relaxes and gears one for the tough run ahead.

Learning : This learning is simple – Have a cup of steaming hot coffee, alone in relaxed silence, before the start of any tough task ! Silent Thoughtlessness before a tough task energizes and gives clarity of mind.


11. ‘Dont quit’, conserve energy & sooner or later you will complete your run !

Learning : Someone told me this many years ago, and I apply this decree in my marathon runs and in my life – even though it is at times impossible to keep going. Dont Quit.


12. The ‘joy of running’ is enough reason to run ; the ‘love of living’ is enough reason to live !

Learning : Enjoy work ! Celebrate Life ! Appreciate Creation !


Learning & Running in Progress… .


Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger

One beats all odds and conquers the highest physical creation of Existence.
The Other without effort concedes to death at the tallest man-made skyscraper.

One set the goals high and trained for months under difficult conditions.
The Other became down & out and plunges in an instant of trouble.

One survived on meagre food and braved the cold and the strong winds.
The Other could not overcome a few man created problems and failures ?

One has grown 8850 metres taller.
The Other has shrunk 828 metres shorter.

One has created history as the first in her category to conquer this zenith.
The Other too has created history - the first in that building to hit this nadir.

One has become immortal.
The Other has given in to mortality.

One got the courage from where ?
The Other lost the sanity there ?

One's courage vanquished fear ?
The Other's fear overshadowed courage ?

One's attitude determines 'altitude'
The Other's fortitude hastily elude ?

One is within us with Hope
The Other screams inside, "Nope".

When One goes through highs and lows,
Which is the 'One' which comes to the forefront and wins

Hanging on to the cliff is not a feasibility, 
Because inertia cannot be a permanent state.

Hardships push us to the edge of a cliff,
And spread out two possibilities before us.

The Other can either give in to the 'gravity' and sink into the abyss,
Or, One can become 'light' and soar into the wide and high sky.


P.S : I read these pieces of news two days back at the same time and that's what triggered this introspection and this note.
The range of human potential is huge. People are distributed all across the spectrum.
But these can be viewed as metaphors for human struggles. Also, One & The Other can be two entities within oneself. 

One link is :

The Other link is :



Chime in Compassion

Jasmine flowering beautifully despite the early morning cold & fog

Jasmine in early morning fog

Will the devastating earth quake,
Us out of our deep vices shake ?

Will the rampaging tsunami
Engulf the greed of 'me me' ?

Will the devouring deadly fire
Scorch our itch to acquire ?

Will the sweeping waters of flood
Drown the differences of blood ?

Will the advent of supermoon
Devastate the prejudices of eons ?

Will these repeated warnings we heed ?
And for a new world sow the seed ?

Why wait for a reason to love ?
Lets of life now be in awe .

Why search for a season to share ?
This moment is only for us here .

Life & Love need no reason or scheme
Compassion is the only way to chime .

~ Punitha

May the victims of the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami rest in peace ; 
May the survivors regain their hope & strength.