For the last few months I have been unable to take time off for an adventure trip and this upset me quite a bit. And then, today I walked on the roads of Pondy during peak hours. Oh, what an adventure it was !!
I walked to combine transportation & fitness purposes ! Ok, I admit, I tried to delay my unavoidable urgent visit to my dentist by an hour by walking to the dental clinic a few kms away 😦


The simple roads transformed themselves into adventure elements – small hillocks (dug & piled up soil), peaks (flyover pillars in progress), gorges (narrow paths between illegally double parked vehicles), rubble course (construction blue metal splattered on the roads), scaling cliffs (racing past buses occupying the roads by almost sticking to it so as to avoid being hit by moving vehicles), watering holes (Pondy special of course!), hunter packs (street dogs zealously guarding their territory), trap pits (holes for cables etc yet to be closed), charging & roaring wild life (brain-shattering speeding drivers with non-stop honking) and deer-caught-in-headlight-scenes (pedestrians like me !!) !!
Pedestrians are an endangered species in Indian cities. And, at this rate of development, they may soon become extinct ! Reserved walkways need to be created at the earliest to save this species !
~ Punitha Lakshmi


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