Now, We are a Nation, where

Now, We are a Nation , where...
A citizen has no safety, in public or private ;
But criminals and terrorists are protected by spending crores .
Government runs liquor shops at every nook & corner ;
But passes the onus of child education to private institutes .
Every professional is assessed on qualifications & performance ;
But the 'rulers' just don their crowns using men & money power .
It is easier to spinelessly live off politicos' freebies ;
Than to survive dignifiedly with one's hard-earned money .
It is important to 'know' bigwigs for recommendation ;
Rather than 'Know Thyself' in this ancient land of mystics .
The victims of harassment are blamed and warned to shrink her limits ;
And the perpetrators of crime are free to roam the streets .
The farmer's hand that tills & feeds the nation is forced into starvation ;
While the mind that mints & loots is in perpetual feasting .
The public amenities are not differently-abled or child friendly ;
And the roads and amenities are cordoned off for private use by big shots .
Many people are not able to afford even 1 square meal a day ;
While corrupt individuals hoard wealth for their 7 future generations .
Ancient rites and out-dated rituals are more sacred ; 
Than a living human with a beating heart .
Children toil as labourers and are brutalized ;
While celebrities are garlanded with money and idolized .
More hands are outstretched to plead for care ; 
And less hearts are open to give and share .

Majority wants to have an ideal private life ; 
But as a citizen, is non-existent in public life .
Outstretched arms...

Outstretched arms…

No human is an island ;
We are all drops of the same ocean .
When poison enters the system ; 
It sooner or later affects every drop in the ocean.


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