I Love chasing Butterflies !!

Yellow Nature !

Melting Yellow, Spreading Cheer !!

My early morning today was well spent – I was chasing butterflies in a garden !

It is ofcourse a regular activity for me ; one that I love and which happens spontaneously on some days !

This post is inspired by this colourful butterfly in the picture, that spread cheer & happiness to me this morning ! In the picture you can see, how the yellow of the sunlight seems to paint the flower yellow, and the butterfly in turn drinking in the yellow of the flower to spread the colour on its wings ! It was a beautiful experience !

There are many benefits from chasing butterflies ! I list some for the sake of the novice/future butterfly chaser :

.  Your eye muscles get stronger and eye sight sharper  .

The butterfly flits all around – up, down, left, right, here, there – so your eye muscles get lots of exercise in trying to keep the flier in sight ! These beings are so tiny , that in the vast open park it is difficult to follow it around. But if you are keen, your eye sight really improves as you strive to visually follow it !

.  Your mind becomes more alert  .

In trying to guess the next turn the butterfly will take, and being proved wrong again, the mind will become alert to keep up with the fast mover !

.  Your body becomes agile and your movements quick  .

Since you are being led by the butterfly, your movements needs to be quick to follow the insect. Your body needs to be agile to be able to go into the places this little one flies ! And you get all the exercise you need for the day without even realizing it !

.  You will become more spontaneous in your outlook & response  .

Many of us cannot do anything unless it is pre-planned. Spontaenity is a lost charm for some. But when you are at the mercy of this little flier, you learn to be more & more spontaneous – both in outlook & response ! It does not have a plan for the day, not even for the next minute. But it is the happiest being alive – because the lovely butterfly is spontaneous ! Your innocence shines !

.  You will become more humble  .

Human beings try to win over everything. But with the butterfly, you are really lucky if you could even click a picture of it. In my experience, when I start enjoying the company of the butterfly with a smile for few minutes, it starts settling in the flowers near me and strikes a pose ! It is a truly humbling experience.

.  You will stop worrying about possessions & start joining in Nature’s processions  .

All our life is spent in preparing, earning, accumulating, safe-guarding & then losing property & products. But, the butterfly does not waste its short life by trying to accumulate products or possess anything. But it has no lack – flowers willingly share their nectar, leaves give them a place for laying eggs and the sky offers space for it to fly and enjoy !

Before you go off to start chasing butterflies, a word of caution on spectators’ reactions !

Ÿ  People will think you are jobless  Ÿ

Ofcourse they are wrong !

But they don’t know that you manage your time better and do things quicker, so you can find time to chase butterflies and other similar activities ;))

Ÿ  People will doubt if you have any useful purpose in this activity   Ÿ

Ofcourse they are right !

There is no doubt that this is a purposeless activity ! But that is how exactly joy & fun should be – purposeless !

Ÿ  People will conclude you are crazy Ÿ

Ofcourse you get the benefit of doubt; though they may assume they are right !

But would you be prim & proper and get bored ; or be spontaneous & crazy and have loads of pure joy & fun ??!!

~ Punitha


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