: ) “CheerUp CheerUp” ( :

'Sparrow's cheerup' - Watercolour on A4 Artist Paper

Oh, here comes the little Sparrow !

Singing sweetly “cheerup cheerup” 🙂

It sits on the bushy hedgerow ,

And awaits its fun chat group !


On the deck I scatter seeds

And fill the bowl with water ;

The bird my invite heeds

Smiling, upclose I admire !


It hops all around the spaces

And in the collected water plays ;

At me now and then glances !

After awhile away it flies !


Its happy chirping breaks the dawn

From trees it chirps all day long !

A commoner, is now uncommon

Wish I hear more of its song.


The joyful and social sparrow

About ‘morrow knows no sorrow !

Sparrow’s sweet “cheerup cheerup”

Indeed, makes me ‘Cheer Up’ :))




Note : March 20th is celebrated as World Sparrow Day across the globe to raise awareness of the disappearance of sparrows. Sparrows have been our companion since ages. Their decline now is due to urbanisation and general degradation of environment. Infact, the absence of sparrows in any neighbourhood or city is an indicator of the deterioration of the environment in that place.

Simple things we can do at our home to welcome this bird is to keep bird feeders, water bowls and ofcourse plants – even if all you have in your house is a tiny balcony.

Lets cheerup this bird that cheerups !

Do you have sparrows in your neighbourhood that ‘cheerup’ ?? !!! Please share your thoughts.



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