Marathon Mantras = Life Lessons

.   Life Lessons <=> Marathon Mantras : Two-way Learnings !  .


1. Doing a Half-marathon (21 K) is not doing just a double of 10 K run. 21 K would feel like 10 times of 10 K if one lacks stamina !

Learning : Do not double targets without sufficient analysis or preparation.


2. Energy depletes faster, time moves slower and distance magically stretches longer after one goes past the first half of 21 K !

Learning : Just like how one would feel when mind ages if we do not keep challenging it. (note : when mind ages and not when body grows old gracefully and healthily but mind still remains young & enthusiastic ! :).


3. The last 200 m is the longest distance in a marathon ! The finish line behaves like a horizon then – the nearer you go, the farther it seems !! But the finish line is not far.

Learning : When one has been trying hard and long for a goal and feels like giving up, not realizing the goal is very near. Because the final lap before a victory is the hardest sometimes.


4. Pongal & Vada taste better when hot. But the longer time one takes to complete their run,the colder the food becomes – if at all the volunteers are able to scrap something from the bottom of the utensil for you ! So ‘when the running gets tough, the pongal-vada lovers get going ‘ !!

Learning : It is good to have a vision and run towards it 😉 . Only someone with a vision keeps striving even when the going gets tough !


5. Marathon is not equal to ‘main hun thin’ or ‘main hun healthy’ magically !! The benefit of running marathons is in the training and the discipline in nutrition & exercises .

Learning : The final output in any task is but a culmination of all the preparation, learning & sincere work before that.


6. Do not drink all the water & electrolytes available in each aid station – even if you think you are going to faint in the next 5 secs. What goes in has to come out – and in a marathon that is a big problem !! Take small sips, at regular intervals.

Learning : Do not bite off more than you can absorb ! Taking in too much work comes out as stress in your body & mind.


7. When a few friends take to running and marathons having you as the inspiration, that is one of the biggest rewards for you as a runner !!

Learning : Life is not only about achieving our own successes, but it is also about encouraging & helping people to succeed in theirs.


Learning & Running in Progress.... Auroville Marathon 2012

8. Marathons is about running ‘for’ something ; not running ‘away’ from something !

Learning : Live for a purpose , do not let fear chase you.


9. Even when people look at you strangely when you ‘stop to smell a flower’ during the race – you continue stopping and smelling flowers 🙂

Learning : Live Life at your own pace, unfettered by the rat race :))


10. On the early morning of the day of the marathon , it is best to have a cup of steaming hot coffee, sitting alone in a relaxed silence. This relaxes and gears one for the tough run ahead.

Learning : This learning is simple – Have a cup of steaming hot coffee, alone in relaxed silence, before the start of any tough task ! Silent Thoughtlessness before a tough task energizes and gives clarity of mind.


11. ‘Dont quit’, conserve energy & sooner or later you will complete your run !

Learning : Someone told me this many years ago, and I apply this decree in my marathon runs and in my life – even though it is at times impossible to keep going. Dont Quit.


12. The ‘joy of running’ is enough reason to run ; the ‘love of living’ is enough reason to live !

Learning : Enjoy work ! Celebrate Life ! Appreciate Creation !


Learning & Running in Progress… .



4 thoughts on “Marathon Mantras = Life Lessons

  1. “Life is not only about achieving our own successes, but it is also about encouraging & helping people to succeed in theirs”

    Wonderful lines..

  2. keep running and keep up your spirits!!!!!!!!!the world around you is a beautiful place with a lot of beauty in nature and kind people,their are a lot of bad people do not consider them in your list of beauty!!!!avoid them like the plague??
    rest in glory!!!!

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