§ Ocean’s Gift §

Tall crests splashing salty froth

The mighty Ocean rough and noisy
White waves high and sprightly ;
Tall crests splashing salty froth
Seem to sea’s fury bring forth ;
                      Skies still cloudy and dark
                      Speak of the monsoon’s mark ;
                      Rain drops into their eternal source
                      Sea surges to catch it midcourse .
I stand in the black rocky pier
And  gaze into expanse sheer .
Since quartet years my day of Rebirth
That prolonged my sojourn on this Earth ;
My Existence nurtured my Soul
Nature nourished it to a Whole ;
                      This Sea embodies my Giver
                       Willfully receiving the River ;
                       This is where my heart resides
                      To which it always sings odes .
I exist in silent Communion
Awaiting an Eternal Union .

Deep from the Ocean this clinch...

Retracing steps slowly to the sand
I see and pick a sea shell in hand ;
Two fisherfolk ask if shells I like
I indifferently my head shake ;
                       They walk away quite fast
                        I stroll in my thoughts lost ;
                       Rushing back they give me a bag
                       Opening it, about the treasure brag .
I look curiously and ponder at them
Are they messengers from Him ?
I glance at the two dozen shell
And pick up a beautiful couple ;
Intricate wonders this crown conch
Deep from the Ocean this clinch ;
                     Still puzzled but happy I accept
                     Souvenir from Ocean direct ;
                     This is where my Soul lives
                     This is where my final bed lies.
Unbound and unruled is my affection
I adore the Ocean in silent meditation .

Intricate wonder this crown conch


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