Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger

One beats all odds and conquers the highest physical creation of Existence.
The Other without effort concedes to death at the tallest man-made skyscraper.

One set the goals high and trained for months under difficult conditions.
The Other became down & out and plunges in an instant of trouble.

One survived on meagre food and braved the cold and the strong winds.
The Other could not overcome a few man created problems and failures ?

One has grown 8850 metres taller.
The Other has shrunk 828 metres shorter.

One has created history as the first in her category to conquer this zenith.
The Other too has created history - the first in that building to hit this nadir.

One has become immortal.
The Other has given in to mortality.

One got the courage from where ?
The Other lost the sanity there ?

One's courage vanquished fear ?
The Other's fear overshadowed courage ?

One's attitude determines 'altitude'
The Other's fortitude hastily elude ?

One is within us with Hope
The Other screams inside, "Nope".

When One goes through highs and lows,
Which is the 'One' which comes to the forefront and wins

Hanging on to the cliff is not a feasibility, 
Because inertia cannot be a permanent state.

Hardships push us to the edge of a cliff,
And spread out two possibilities before us.

The Other can either give in to the 'gravity' and sink into the abyss,
Or, One can become 'light' and soar into the wide and high sky.


P.S : I read these pieces of news two days back at the same time and that's what triggered this introspection and this note.
The range of human potential is huge. People are distributed all across the spectrum.
But these can be viewed as metaphors for human struggles. Also, One & The Other can be two entities within oneself. 

One link is :

The Other link is :




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