Chime in Compassion

Jasmine flowering beautifully despite the early morning cold & fog

Jasmine in early morning fog

Will the devastating earth quake,
Us out of our deep vices shake ?

Will the rampaging tsunami
Engulf the greed of 'me me' ?

Will the devouring deadly fire
Scorch our itch to acquire ?

Will the sweeping waters of flood
Drown the differences of blood ?

Will the advent of supermoon
Devastate the prejudices of eons ?

Will these repeated warnings we heed ?
And for a new world sow the seed ?

Why wait for a reason to love ?
Lets of life now be in awe .

Why search for a season to share ?
This moment is only for us here .

Life & Love need no reason or scheme
Compassion is the only way to chime .

~ Punitha

May the victims of the Japan Earthquake-Tsunami rest in peace ; 
May the survivors regain their hope & strength.



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