Cruising on the Coast…

A cold wind blows and the rain drops fall on my face with some force. The storm far away at sea roars, causing huge waves to splash on the rocks noisily.

My favourite beach is vibrant with energy. Grey is the dominant colour of the scenery with occasional streaks of the white of the waves thrown in to break the bleak monotony. The heavy rain seems to blend into the sea. The boulders get submerged under a new wave and are visible briefly in between waves.The sea seems to be churning out a special concoction and sending it landward.

I stand silently looking out to the sea, taking in the sight, smell and sounds of the water. I always come here to see the rain forming from and falling into the same sea. Somewhere a river is flowing in all earnestness to join the sea. This sea is an inspiration for me. I can feel the moods of the sea and spend hours by its shore ; today is no exception.

The North-East monsoon has had a delayed start this year except sporadic rains during a few nights. Then it could not be seen much, but only heard. This spell is eagerly awaited, well at least by me ! More so, since it is my day off and I can indulge in the showers to my hearts content ! Monsoon is my cherished season of the year. The rains, the cool weather, the vibrant sea all seem like harbingers of happiness to me.

I lose track of time as I stand with my eyes half-closed enjoying the rain and wind against my skin. I slowly walk back to my scooty and turn on the ignition; even my scooty is happy and whirs to life at the flick of a switch sans the usual hiccups !

The ride along the beach road is beautiful with the rains on the deserted road. Perhaps, when storm and rains are prevailing outdoors, most people do not measure wind speeds  by adventurous means and normally stay warm indoors and leave that job to the satellites and experts  !

The road turns left at the old distillery and after another right at the signal I am riding happily on the road towards a sandy beach. Some stretches of this coastal road are already inundated. I race past the few shops that are open and cruise the open roads where the sea comes into view again. Travelling this road brings back some nice memories.

I turn into a small bylane that is virtually abandoned today. The road looks like a path straight into the sea ; but it just ends on the sand abruptly, a few feet away from the raging waters. A few people have taken shelter in the lone mini concrete structure just off the road. I park my vehicle and amble towards the shoreline. Numerous fishing boats are marooned on the sand due to the impending cyclone. The fishing equipments are neatly packed in haystack like structures.

Unlike in the beach near the port, this stretch is sandy and the waves jump ashore to play in the sands freely. Little pools have formed on the sand. I jump the puddles and walk towards the water.

The dynamic Sea...

The sea is rough and the waves break with a force on the shore. This is nature at its dynamic, raw best ; unhindered by man-made barriers, unfettered by its own limitations. The Sea is handsome. The waves are inviting and keep pulling at my feet.

The wind has gathered speed and the rain is coming down heavily now. I click a few pictures ; pictures which cannot do justice to the dynamic energy that is being created all around me every minute.

I reluctantly retrace my path and start on my return trip. The rain drops pierce like needles on my face. I can hardly see a few inches ahead of me. My fingers have become numb from being exposed to the chill winds for a long time.

But my heart is warm with a happiness that is hard to define. Rain and Ocean like a handful of other entities always make me happy.

What is it about a few things or a few people which give me such happiness ? It is intangible and inexplicable. Some things cannot be dissected, analysed and labelled . There are things in this world that are beyond rhyme or reason.The beauty in such happiness is in experiencing every available moment of it.

I race my bike and lift my face to fully soak in the blessings from above. A song plays in my heart which my lips echo. The rain and wind also join in my song with gusto !


5 thoughts on “Cruising on the Coast…

  1. Punitha, These are too good. Keep going girl!! Though we come across in everyday life but we don’t appreciate the nature’s blessings and mode of relaxing. Instead we go to expensive places to find happiness & to relieve stresses. You describe very beautifully the different family members of nature around the coast. I was so into the content , I can put my imagination and feel the enjoyment.


  2. Anand Ravindran @ Facebook : this is awesome. thank u for sharing your joyful experiences in such a beautiful manner. thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    it is so easy to get dragged into this day to day hustle and bustle of life, that we don’t enjoy and relish everything around us. your blog is an inspiration to do more of that

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